Saturday, 18 July 2009

Orange Cardigan

This update is late in coming but oh well.
Pretty much i was insipred by clement louis well i think his name is actually erick i like his take on the idea of herion chic which i think was popular in the 80s correct me if im wrong.

Tee Self Made
Cardigan Grandmas
Jeans jay jays
Shoes Warehouse

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Grey Suit

Just thought i do a quick little post before I'm wrapped up in enjoying the holidays. These photos taken by Jess Edmon-Saunders yesterday have to be some of my favorite in my life "thanks!"

Anyway I bought this at a local op-shop/vintage store and i was in love with it. It was actually a tailored suit to someone else and fits me quite well factoring the fact that it was made to fit another person.

I took a inspiration from my inspirational blog funny enough and i will be doing this with each of the blogs i follow and doing a homage to their greatness =]
Inspiration: Pascal Grob and The Shophisticat

Suit - Red Cross ( Made by Benson Tailoring )
Shoes - Warehouse
Socks - Handmade
Belt/ Tie - Vintage