Monday, 18 May 2009

Travelling Suit DIY

Getting ready for the night before

Stopped and thought it would be a cool pic

At Guada bar

One o'clock at a motor lodge

This outfit was induced by my Gran giving me things out of her garage. Its like she can read my mind, that day I was thinking its so fricken cold i need a massive blazer or something and tada! Also she gave my this awesome tuxedo shirt which is going to become an intrgral part of my wardrobe from now on!

I made many alterations to this outfit well first i made the blazer that im wearing double breasted as it was just to big i know i wanted a massive blazer but i wasnt talking talking heads big. Also that ribon that you see around my neck was made out of the hems of my sisters pants that i just took up for her that day.

Blazer- DIY
Tuxedo Shirt-DIY
Colar Ribon (if anybody knows what they are called tell me)- DIY

At the office



Conferance Room

Hello well sorry about the time for posts (if anybody reads) thanks to my first follower who isnt my sister C. Also thanks to all who have taken the time out of their day to read my blog i value all of your opinions.

Well anyway back to the outfit. The day that i took these i was getting incredibly borred at my mother's work. So I thought why not take photos. This outfit really steams around my need to look business-y? this winter with the use of my favorite grey coat which was a steal at $3 NZ at Red Cross. This has to be one of my favorite looks at the moment the white weird shirt that i made teemed with my Lee Jeans, my Blazer and Gran knitted scarf.

Tee Shirt-DIY
Jeans-Lee Jeans

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Vampire Weekend

Yes i get the whole stupid twilight reference that will fall extremely hard on this post but quite frankly i wouldnt give a straightner. It was pretty much inspired by the fad of the euromantics of the 80s also the whole sleek style featured on blogs. I just made these pants that day and shot all these photos with Snow Patrol: Eyes Open album blearing in the background (listen to tracks 6-8).

T-Shirt-Jay Jays
Pants- DIY
Suspenders- Vintage
Scarf- Sisters Closet


Summer has passed and now its a crazy winter in Northland. I thought about the trees around me today and i found this shirt sitting in the back of my room (floordrobe) and it perfectly fit into this outfit.

Jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: Jay Jays
Belt: Vintage
Socks: DIY

A London Summer

Well that day i was thinking you know this reminds me of a london summer its sunny and all but actually not that warm (justifying me wearing a cardigan). My idea for this outfit was the mix of light colours being the whole summer (while in New Zealand its winter) and the substantial grey which brings it back to winter.

Cardigan: DIY
Shirt: Vintage
Shorts: Hallensteins
Shoes: Warehouse

Friday, 1 May 2009

Dress Up




First entry Well this is me not necessarily wearing things that you would wear on the street. In conclusion its concept clothing.
My little runway fashion

This outfit explores the idea of the versatility of jackets and outwear. It looks a tad rugged and ill refined but it is this that makes New Zealand, its vast countryside and its rugged out door-ze-ness its edge.

Blazer: Here
Cardigan: DIY
Shirt: Jay Jays
Jacket: Swandri