Thursday, 27 August 2009

Spending Time Laughing


A friends birthday party. The theme alice in wonderland the same as our ball. It didn't really turn out like that in the end it was more or less grab some heels and have fun walking down a gravel driveway. I was taken away by these heels my friend Trixiebell was wearing . They were from my friends Nicola's wardrobe again. Nicola as people will know featured in my first ever street style section view here.
Trixi is a amazing source of inspiration her free spirit, her laugh and her fashion sense of course. 

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Retro Nights

Excuse the apathetic look on my face I'm extremely tired at the moment study and such (argh!)
Well i was rummaging though my closet right now I'm doing the same and i found this shirt that has been in there since last year when i was doing a big brand spend up as everyone should do but always maybe its the filipino in me that says if you do find a bargain i don't know. 
The jeans i know are ripped i thought about slash them but lets face it that whole trend it going to only stop momentarily and i don't want to risk one of my favorite pairs of denim for a wavering un-classic trend well i guess it is in a kinda bogan way. 

Shirt Issac
Jeans Jay Jays
Shoes Warehouse
Necklace DIY
Hair Tiredness =P