Sunday, 27 December 2009

A bit late
Hope you had a great christmas and Happy new Year.
This year has been too serious let's end it on a laugh 

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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Summer Storm
The weather is still terrible and wearing short is out of the question so is going out side. I know I may have stolen this nostalgic/rose glass filter. In my excuse I got my inspiration from Cedric Bihr who really captures moments and that is the whole point of photography right? Anyway enjoy!

Wearing: Tee Shirt/handmade Pants/Handmade Handkerchief/Handmade

Friday, 11 December 2009

The day was ridiculously rainy for summer, allowing me to layer up as if it was winter again. I am not a junky for winter a Summer post is coming. I thought I should mix up the seasons
Excuse my pictures 

WearingJacket/Benson Shirt/Vintage 
Straw Hat/Vintage Jeans/Jay Jays (DIY) Shoes/Warehouse

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Alivia Carrington-Hall
Alvia is a 19 year old ex student of Whangarei Girls' High School and is planning to go to Elam in Auckland University with an amazing talent for photography.
These Self-Portraits are a documentation of her life so far. Dirty, Granulated explosions of colour to washed out and distorted, all chronicle her development of her life, from "being a kid" to becoming an adult.

The Plug
Her exhibition can be found at Tuatara 29 Bank Street, Whangarei Northland. Till the 14 of December. Limited amount of prints 10 per portrait
Cost: $25 A3 Print
      $45 A2 Print
      $75 A1 Print

leave a comment for contact details if you are interested 

Thursday, 3 December 2009

White Flowers&Work
This was the intended shirt for my Ball but I didn't complete it in time only the suit. Instead I did it for my Technology work. I remember spring and it's refreshing cold

Wearing Jacket/Handmade Pants/Handmade Shirt/Handmade Shoes/Handmade (Australia)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The sun is now blue, the sun is burning the wind is refreshingly cold and I still wear layers. Grandma's garden is the best!

Wearing Cardigan/Grandma  Shirt/Equals Equals  Jeans/Lee  Shoes/Australia (handmade)  Necktie/John Walker  Beads/From the Philippines 

Friday, 20 November 2009

Summer is so close, still in spring and it can't let go of winter and I can't let go of my cardigan

PS:Just a little side-note what do you think of this layout too much like others? or yes? Please tell I trying to get this blog thing right =S

Wearing:Cardigan/Grandma, Tee Shirt/Hallensteins, Brushed Denim/Vintage

Monday, 14 September 2009


Its monday! Another start another beginning just makes you feel so fresh and alive. Just thought I should post a look because next week well this week I think I am going to have to change my password to all of my accounts. I need to be able to study with out distraction. Leading me to my outfit which I took a picture of when i went for a walk to break up my study. Also thought I should show everyone a piece of the suburbs its just so quaint. Supposedly a person (my english teacher) thinks that you are not ready for an exam until you get completely bored doing the test. "not this again" is what you should think so pretty much I'm not there yet
bye for awhile kale
Jersey/Manuwatu, Shirt/vintage, Jeans/Jay Jays, Shoes/Warehouse, Tie/John Webster

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


It was a very grey day today. I want the sun back!

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Poly meaning Multiple. This outfit isn't so original but I took the idea of morphing two concepts together like I'm doing at the moment for my textiles course. Hoping that the pictures are detailed enough, enjoy.

Jacket Red Cross, Cardigan/Sweater Red Cross, Shirt equals equals, Jeans Jay Jays, Shoes Australia Handmade, Beads From The Philippines.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bernina Fashion Show/Awards 09

What I was wearing that night

Shirley Bakulich-Plastic Fanatastic Diva

Tessa Craven - Feather Graphic

Hayley Douglas - Ethereal Distinction
Aimee Cross - Bags To Riches

The Bernina Fashion Awards (I have no idea why they call it the awards it should be more like contest) took place at the Forum North Center in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand. Those who are no familiar with New Zealand or Whangarei well New Zealand is a little country with a population bellow 4.7 million and Whangarei is a very little city with a booming 50,000 populace.
Talent in whangarei is not by all means small neither is New Zealand look at the designers like Karen Walker and WORLD and you'll get the idea their Crystal embellished jacket rivals any European Fashion House/Designer. Ill let the pictures do most of the talking
The originality of some is a bit questionable but mostly I haven't put them up because I would hate Whangarei to represented so mundanely (yeah so I'm a bias media outlet) ... sadly the one that I wanted to win ... did not

The overall Winners of this competition were
1st Fantasy Flower
2nd Bags to Riches (View Above)
3rd Feather Graphic (View Above)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Spending Time Laughing


A friends birthday party. The theme alice in wonderland the same as our ball. It didn't really turn out like that in the end it was more or less grab some heels and have fun walking down a gravel driveway. I was taken away by these heels my friend Trixiebell was wearing . They were from my friends Nicola's wardrobe again. Nicola as people will know featured in my first ever street style section view here.
Trixi is a amazing source of inspiration her free spirit, her laugh and her fashion sense of course. 

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Retro Nights

Excuse the apathetic look on my face I'm extremely tired at the moment study and such (argh!)
Well i was rummaging though my closet right now I'm doing the same and i found this shirt that has been in there since last year when i was doing a big brand spend up as everyone should do but always maybe its the filipino in me that says if you do find a bargain i don't know. 
The jeans i know are ripped i thought about slash them but lets face it that whole trend it going to only stop momentarily and i don't want to risk one of my favorite pairs of denim for a wavering un-classic trend well i guess it is in a kinda bogan way. 

Shirt Issac
Jeans Jay Jays
Shoes Warehouse
Necklace DIY
Hair Tiredness =P

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Orange Cardigan

This update is late in coming but oh well.
Pretty much i was insipred by clement louis well i think his name is actually erick i like his take on the idea of herion chic which i think was popular in the 80s correct me if im wrong.

Tee Self Made
Cardigan Grandmas
Jeans jay jays
Shoes Warehouse

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Grey Suit

Just thought i do a quick little post before I'm wrapped up in enjoying the holidays. These photos taken by Jess Edmon-Saunders yesterday have to be some of my favorite in my life "thanks!"

Anyway I bought this at a local op-shop/vintage store and i was in love with it. It was actually a tailored suit to someone else and fits me quite well factoring the fact that it was made to fit another person.

I took a inspiration from my inspirational blog funny enough and i will be doing this with each of the blogs i follow and doing a homage to their greatness =]
Inspiration: Pascal Grob and The Shophisticat

Suit - Red Cross ( Made by Benson Tailoring )
Shoes - Warehouse
Socks - Handmade
Belt/ Tie - Vintage

Monday, 29 June 2009


The ball well i finished my suit that i made which took me 4 weeks which I'm happy about also i made this nifty bow which was quite big. Also i won prince of the ball Becca's of it. The theme of course was Alice in Wonderland and all and all a good night (with the exception of someone wanting to punch me in the face i think he was jealous of my bow)

Pictures - Group photo before ball with my date Trixie and I on the right, My Sister and I, Clockwise: Matt, me, Rachel, Trixie, Niccola, Victoria, I forgot the name sorry and Winnie, Trixie getting ready, My bow

Bow - My own
Jacket - " "
Pants - " "
Shoes - Handmade Australia
Shirt - Vintage