Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Retro Nights

Excuse the apathetic look on my face I'm extremely tired at the moment study and such (argh!)
Well i was rummaging though my closet right now I'm doing the same and i found this shirt that has been in there since last year when i was doing a big brand spend up as everyone should do but always maybe its the filipino in me that says if you do find a bargain i don't know. 
The jeans i know are ripped i thought about slash them but lets face it that whole trend it going to only stop momentarily and i don't want to risk one of my favorite pairs of denim for a wavering un-classic trend well i guess it is in a kinda bogan way. 

Shirt Issac
Jeans Jay Jays
Shoes Warehouse
Necklace DIY
Hair Tiredness =P

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