Friday, 18 November 2011

Excuse the hipsterness
 I try and try to get a degree of separation thing happening with each post and this is me trying to do the same. Due to being busy with exams and such (had my English one today least to say I wish I chose the other Othello question) I haven't had time to take new photographs and have been trawling the bottom of my iPhoto for blog content. Many would suggest "why don't you just not post" and to them I say you have never heard of the more is more is more policy. Furthermore and most importantly you have not been aquatinted with the stubborn side of myself who wants to finish this silly a blog post each day (or there abouts) until the end of this year whether or not I continue that is a whole different issue that I will address sometime later.
 So excuse the obvious hipsterness. As my friend Winnie suggested so long as you are aware of your pretentious hipsterness and make fun of it on a regular basis (i.e not taking yourself too seriously or thinking you're the best thing sliced Navajo print) then it doesn't really matter if you fulfil clichés along the way. That is today's rant I hope you enjoyed it.

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