Monday, 29 June 2009


The ball well i finished my suit that i made which took me 4 weeks which I'm happy about also i made this nifty bow which was quite big. Also i won prince of the ball Becca's of it. The theme of course was Alice in Wonderland and all and all a good night (with the exception of someone wanting to punch me in the face i think he was jealous of my bow)

Pictures - Group photo before ball with my date Trixie and I on the right, My Sister and I, Clockwise: Matt, me, Rachel, Trixie, Niccola, Victoria, I forgot the name sorry and Winnie, Trixie getting ready, My bow

Bow - My own
Jacket - " "
Pants - " "
Shoes - Handmade Australia
Shirt - Vintage


Petra said...

My goodness your bow tie is increadible!! I am in awe!

What an amazing ball outfit, so creative and completely fantastic. Glad to hear/see you had a fun time as well!

Kale said...

The bow i have to say the easiest part although i had to sew it on while it was one me