Monday, 8 June 2009

Blue Colar Dandy

Love this pleating

Well this outfit sprung from the cupboard in the washroom i was rumaging in at my grandmas i thought not to take this top though as she made it by hand. I love the pleating in it and the odd colar that we do not see alot of in todays fashion.
I dont really have much to say as the garment in its self is quite simple except thanks grandma for leeting me rumage and steal clothes.

Shirt- Grandma
Jeans-Jay Jays


Petra said...

Such a beautiful shirt! The pleating is so delicate and the colour is gorgeous. Pale blue is always so fresh and sweet.

It's so fantastic that you were inspired in the washroom as well! Fashion strikes at any time :)

Kale said...

Thank you
I know i have to get more blue shirts