Thursday, 3 September 2009


Poly meaning Multiple. This outfit isn't so original but I took the idea of morphing two concepts together like I'm doing at the moment for my textiles course. Hoping that the pictures are detailed enough, enjoy.

Jacket Red Cross, Cardigan/Sweater Red Cross, Shirt equals equals, Jeans Jay Jays, Shoes Australia Handmade, Beads From The Philippines.


Holly said...

you are so cute
I don't know any guy who'd stand in a field and do this
Holly x

Kale said...

I have to say it is quite fun so if I were you iI would recommend it to any guy friends you have because it is rather fun.

Petra said...

Your jeans are so wonderfully distressed! They look terrific, as does your brilliant field setting. Looks like such fun!

I actually just braided with three strands for the tshirt... And I used a regular, pretty thin needle to stich it on, just going finely through the back of the braid on the inside of the tshirt. Let me know how yours goes if you try it!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

i really like the blazer with the sweater! the colors go so well together! lookin good!