Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's Finished
 After sometime I thought I should update my sporadic and somewhat disjointed photo-essay on the renovation of my school's Drama and Music facilitates.
 What you are looking at now I think is the entry point to the whole thing. Personally I think something was definitely lost in the renovation of this historic building which is disappointing.
 Time are a changing.
I'll take some pictures of the finished product in the future sometime when and if I get my camera which may solve this noise problem, it may even feature some of my drama and/or sculpture work... so that's cool right?
 If you would like you can take a whirlwind tour of my "essay"(I just can stop with the pretension) here. Oh and don't forget to enjoy and have a great Tuesday night you know I am. (Me, having a life, pish cosh)

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