Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Ball
 It rears its head again an in about 18 hours I will be stepping through a lacklustre entrance way that will signal the start of cooing and superficial ah-ing to where said dress has come from and why those diamontes look so real (sarcasm), oh and don't forget the moment where one has to lie about how "good' and "natural" those spray tans look. Even though I may have a few qualms with it, it is an experience that I wouldn't not go to.
 The picture above is what I am wearing tonight (Tuxedo Shirt, Tuxedo Pants, Cummerbund, Waistcoat, Tartan -poorly self constructed- bowtie and finally the Tail Coat) I know how unorignal and cliche of me. I was going to be repping the Pelayo look but thought I wasn't bad ass enough (pardon the colloquialism, I don't even know if I'm being serious at the moment).
 So I shall snap some pictures, down some ball food and get profusely hot in the multiple layers of cliché-dom. Have a good weekend, I might, and I'll post on Sunday. TTFN

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