Friday, 12 August 2011

 It's a picture of a school block with colour blocking, oh the puns excuse my terrible humour and my inadequacy of writing anything worth reading. Here goes a rant about University, Scholarships and tastes for Architecture. All of the previous things are closely linked and after sometime of wanting to become a doctor then finding out I faint at blood, my hate for sewing, the list goes on, I have thought about studying Architecture at University. After reading Hapsical's posts on architecture over the past year my eye has been moving toward harsher and more minimal buildings that resonate with an ugly (but beautiful) strength. However in the world of applying for tertiary education an admiration for said buildings doesn't mean you are going to be any bit capable of undertaking the design of one nor does it mean you understand Architecture. So I'm just going to get my A into G and get writing for my Auckland University Scholarship and put together  a portfolio filled with childish paintings, pretentious sculptures and sketches of brutalist buildings like the Barbican and hope for the best i.e I get into the Architectural Studies course.
 Here goes nothing

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