Saturday, 8 January 2011

 Went to a little shindig last night and have now resolutely determined that party/large social gatherings/sound is not the thing for me. Although you could say life would be rather plain without it but I propose a smallish argument with the picture above. Simplicity can be one of the best things out there and the idea of having to indulge for you to feel "fun" (fill with another appropriate word if you like) if just well, indulgent.
 Although I expect some might say that I am being a prude and that is probably right, but hey I'm ranting. All I wanted to say was that life doesn't have to be "rucus" to be rad.
 I'm off and I hope in someway that mini rant has some how drawn parallels to clothing/style along with expressing my silliness of the day.
 O and check this space for my up in coming art painting board this year, it is going to be interesting and slightly connected to the said feelings above

I hate it when people do this shit as well.

PS: Just realised I have one of the most elaborate pattern clash pictures below, please don't mind my regular hypocrisy 

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