Friday, 14 January 2011

Queensland Floods
The news has away that makes us feel so disconnected with the world, we become apathetic to the atrocities that are committed against someone's wife, daughter, husband, son, brother, sister, grandma and grandpa and just think of then as a "story" rather than a person. Yet there are times where the reality of life hits us, it breaks through that barrier of indifference and hits a nerve that evokes compassion. I feel that these floods are one of them. I ask you to do anything you can, spread the word but not in away that will procure a saturation of said event but speak about it from your point of view and bring the world together past geographic boundaries of detachment
 The link to donate it here for those who wish to do so, also I must give photo credit to Jonathan Wood who was featured in the Gaurdian's 24 Hours in Pictures

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