Thursday, 13 January 2011

"Back to School"
 Don't you just admire the way stationary companies pump out the "Back to School" sales, it is perfect commercialism of something you needed to get anyway. I usually go to the same store every year and buy what the list says this year it is just a sizeable amount of refill and maybe a new folder/binder.
 I went through so many types of editing on this one picture. Finally the idea of just drawing on top of it came to me (I know not a great or different idea) the rucksack is actually the one I wear to school and it is about twice the width of my body as it is ex-military (not that hipster *expletive*) which comes in handy when carting around all my books and A3 folders.
 This is what I would wear to school if it wasn't an all uniform school, as it has the right amount of slickness and casual comfort to help you last a day in class. Anyway I'm rambling, hope you enjoy and have fun stationary shopping, I'm off to watch an exceptionally bad/good sci-fi show along the line of Eureka. Rambling again.

SIDENOTE: This is an artistic representation (read not at all accurate) of my drama room that is being renovated for the new year 

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