Friday, 1 May 2009

Dress Up




First entry Well this is me not necessarily wearing things that you would wear on the street. In conclusion its concept clothing.
My little runway fashion

This outfit explores the idea of the versatility of jackets and outwear. It looks a tad rugged and ill refined but it is this that makes New Zealand, its vast countryside and its rugged out door-ze-ness its edge.

Blazer: Here
Cardigan: DIY
Shirt: Jay Jays
Jacket: Swandri


Stardoor said...

I really appreciate your first picture in this trio; I find it a nice balance of sophistication and insanity.

Kale said...

I love playing around with pictures
Its at a friends house which their doing up

Stardoor said...

ah, makes satisfying sense now.
I assumed it was in the industrial park.

Kale said...

Nah kinda takes away the magic