Monday, 18 May 2009

Travelling Suit DIY

Getting ready for the night before

Stopped and thought it would be a cool pic

At Guada bar

One o'clock at a motor lodge

This outfit was induced by my Gran giving me things out of her garage. Its like she can read my mind, that day I was thinking its so fricken cold i need a massive blazer or something and tada! Also she gave my this awesome tuxedo shirt which is going to become an intrgral part of my wardrobe from now on!

I made many alterations to this outfit well first i made the blazer that im wearing double breasted as it was just to big i know i wanted a massive blazer but i wasnt talking talking heads big. Also that ribon that you see around my neck was made out of the hems of my sisters pants that i just took up for her that day.

Blazer- DIY
Tuxedo Shirt-DIY
Colar Ribon (if anybody knows what they are called tell me)- DIY


Stardoor said...

breathtaking my dear

reminding me of the "night life"; wandering around the streetlit city at two in the morning with a cigarette in hand

Kale said...

Well you know i dont smoke but im glad i can form that sort of imagery

Styleseeking Zurich said...

the ribon bow tie really makes your outfit.
so so chic.
and thanks so much for your sweet comment : )

mi ji

Kale said...

Your welcome
Thanks so it is a bow tie?