Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Vampire Weekend

Yes i get the whole stupid twilight reference that will fall extremely hard on this post but quite frankly i wouldnt give a straightner. It was pretty much inspired by the fad of the euromantics of the 80s also the whole sleek style featured on blogs. I just made these pants that day and shot all these photos with Snow Patrol: Eyes Open album blearing in the background (listen to tracks 6-8).

T-Shirt-Jay Jays
Pants- DIY
Suspenders- Vintage
Scarf- Sisters Closet


Teenage Dirtbag said...

i like the first picture alot!

Kale said...


Styleseeking Zurich said...

Thanks a a lot for your comment on our blog! I'm so impressed when I see people making clothes themselves, your pants look great!


Kale said...

Huge masssive thanks for you even looking at my blog. You guys are fricken awesome!!

C. said...

you seem very talented and interested in fashion and esp. in vintage!! do you study design?

Petra said...

Brilliant pants! I love the neutral tones of your outfit, it is so refreshing.

Fantastic to see another New Zealander as well!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend x

Kale said...

Wow i didnt think this page would get views but it has
Thank you all
To C: Thank you so much and yes vintage all the way i always try to wear something vintage in every outfit. No i dont study design actually still in high school and taking textiles (fashion) by coresspondence
To Petra: I thought the nuetral tones were the notable in this outfit.
I know all you see on blogspot is overseas people (not saying that there bad love you all) but i dont know its nice to see a person from NZ on here.

Dylan James said...

Great pants! Did you use a pattern or were they your own creation?