Friday, 18 February 2011

'Burbing it
 I know it was released ages ago, but I am officially infatuated with The Suburbs by Arcade Fire especially Rococo which makes fun of the pretentious ways of teenagers. To say the least that one was a bit close to my 70s Bungalow. So this little picture is a little "hey I like your CD" to Arcade Fire.
 Oh I nearly forgot you must watch/participate in Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown if you haven't (it is an HTML5 interactive video that is well worth the wait) also the movie directed by Spike Jonze "Scenes from the Suburbs" will be out May on a rerelease

Wow this sounded like a press release (or as close as I could ever muster) just to keep ya'll informed about my flippant music choices. Choice

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