Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Opps
 After four rounds of debating and prep to say I am tired is an understatement, especially when this is your first time at debating all year. However everyone was on the same playing field and my cases from 3 debate onwards were atrocious.
 So as you would've guessed no Northland Debating team and no Nationals this year, which I am disappointed by as I met so many amazingly cool people down at Nationals which I won't get to met up with for sometime. Also I won't make new (future) friends which sucks.
 However as the saying goes when another door closes another one opens (or a window depending on your cynicalness) and this means I'll be able to teach younger debaters at my school, and focus on other things like school work, hockey, work work (well I might get a job), community projects the list is endless.
 Chin up and say hello to 2011

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