Friday, 25 February 2011

 I know taxidermy is wrong (well to some) but thought I would post this just due to the original picture's weirdness and that it links with what I will say after this. Anyway the stags were actually in a bathroom of a school I went to - for debating - which begs the question what are stags doing in a toilet and what are they doing in a school toilet for that matter.
 Furthermore I have a debating tournament this weekend which decides our regional team (pre-debate freak out to come) which I was in last year. Sequentially this has somehow put a great deal (most likely self-induced) pressure on my self and I was wondering if others do that? Anyway I'm hoping to get over my stomach related gurgles sometime soon (probably when this debating tournament ends) so I can actually get a goodnight sleep.

This ramble (of somewhat superficial things) is in now way to belittle the situation in Christchurch, which is playing the in background as I type. It is just a break from the sobriety of everything at the moment. Good news though (as of the last time I checked) 40% of Christchurch has water and 70% has power. Push on and keep strong Christchurch

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