Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's Ridiculous!
 The price of fuel that's what. At the moment it is 199.99 cents for Petrol at Shell although that is nothing compared to what people living in the EU have to pay. However while the EU may have expensive petrol that is to encourage fuel economy by travelling on public transport and the. In New Zealand there is a a fuel tax but we do not have the transport systems to back it up. We are left with higher prices but yet we can not survive without it.
 Anyway that was my whinge of the day (well probably not, oh how far this blog has come from being a personal style blog which was first made with the intention of it being a documentation of my garment design). I also found this article about Shell's super profit on The Guardian awhile back

On a lighter note this is my 123 post thought that was a bit cool

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